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Happily Ever After

Congratulations on your big day. I'm intrigued you've decided to give The Couture Lifestyle a chance 

to bring your vision to life. Below is the button to book your wedding consultation. Please take all the time you need to browse this page and find inspiration for your BIG DAY! 

The Buckley's


Every wedding I've done holds a special place in my heart and I'm always honored to work hand and hand with the bride and wedding party.

The Perkin's


The best part about being apart of a clients big day is watching everyone grow from the experience. From the longs days of choosing the styles for the bridesmaids to watching it all come to life on the BIG DAY.

The Baumgarten


The memories created from the wedding day are some of the most charitable moments. From the love ones we've lost and the loves able to attend. The moment all make time stand still.

The Tulloch's


The beautiful part about your happily ever after, is the "AFTER"! Can you make it last it last forever, I had the honor of seeing this beautiful couple celebrate there 20 years "I Still Do" Wedding! Congrats to The Tulloch's.

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